Welcome to Mackenzie's Silver Lining!

We specialize in custom handmade jewelry, let us turn your vision into reality!

| Established in 1983 |

MacKenzie's Silver Lining sells uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind jewelry made from silver, gold, and natural gemstones.

  • Oct 1, 2018
    From Mackenzie: "Custom work covers several areas of my metalsmithing. I work in sterling and 14k gold. Many customers want a new piece made from their metal or stones. I sketch ideas along with price quotes to nail down the final design. Some…
  • Sep 21, 2018
    From Mackenzie: "I travel to trade shows to buy raw materials. That means cut stones, (because I dont cut stones myself) exotic pendant components and beads. Plus, I find finished jewlery that reflects my style. These pieces are of high quality…
  • Sep 1, 2018
    From Mackenzie: "I am happy to repair any jewlery purchased from my store. I do not repair jewlery purchased at other stores or from the internet. I always suggest they go back to the place they purchased it. Poor quality jewelry is next to…